Yawnguy Mp3 Sessions:
Custom Instructions

The idea here is that you put together one or more "playlists" of elements, each an mp3 audio file--equivalent to an "album track"--that will allow you to have appropriate instructions and commands in the correct sequence for a go-anywhere session that you can carry around on your mp3 player.

It is assumed that the options available on your mp3 player include the ability to pause and restart a track with minimum distraction, and the ability to either play through all the tracks in a playlist in the chosen sequence or to change from one track to another in the same playlist with minimum distraction.

The barest minimum, assuming you already understood the general instructions for running a session and what the commands meant would be the four-"track" "playlist" of:

  • Pre-session check element
  • Starting session (including determining topic to address if needed) element
  • Commands to address the topic element
  • Ending session element

The "Element Options" page lists the available elements, the available mp3 tracks, with names, two links and very brief descriptions. One link is to the mp3 audio file alone, and one is to a page that gives the text for that file so you can see what it is. There may be an additional explanation of what it is about, that is not included in the audio.

This is a convenient format for a session that is a great improvement on trying to do it yourself without any audio help at all. It is not as versatile as the format used in PaulsRobot at www.paulsrobot3.com, but PaulsRobot needs a computer to run on and these Yawnguy Mp3 Sessions can be carried on any mp3 player.

Great! Let's pick some elements

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