The subject doesn't get me mad anymore, doesn't give me a bad feeling anymore. I can fully confront it now without bad feelings about it.--Bram Janssen

I found your robot quite valuable to me....Although the long term effects of yesterday's use of your robot remain to be seen, I would say that after doing it I did not have socks on. (Also I did not before starting, but that is literally not important here...) (I have often wondered about that phrase "knock your socks off"). Thanks for making that process available online. Good karma for you.--Jim Cline

The Yawn Machine renews my awareness and has kept me healthy. I've moved from a dreamy state to an alert one within a couple of hours of starting.

I've also recommended the YM to several family members and they have had similar successes when they've tried it. I've found that this is good a couple of days before a major test, event, or when I'm studying. --Stephen Von Hatten, Pismo Beach, CA, USA

I have had much pleasure reading through your fabulous and unique website and have just completed the whole program including the audio auditor with great results.

It took me 48 minutes and now I'm relieved I have an answer to my question that I have [been] struggling with for the last 3 months. Thanks heaps for sharing your talents. I have been really struggling with the issue and was thinking of seeking some professional assistance and now I won't need to bother. Thank you so much. --Josie Ruberto, Lynbrook, Victoria, Australia

I just wanted to tell you that I did a session with the robot today and WOW is all I can say. It really did work. I was skeptical I will admit, but I was very pleased. --JH

I just wanted to give an update on my first session with the robot auditor that I did last weekend. I audited an issue that was very personal and private, and hoped that it would help things get better. Today, I realized just how much of a difference I have seen in just a few short days since my hour long session. Totally amazing. --JH

Great tool, I am going to use it regularly! I did some Book One auditing in the past, this is definitively an improvement over that technique and it works very well. --LF

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Because of the widespread success and popularity of the Rub & Yawn technique, these podcasts now allow sessions to be done over audio.

Time / Level / Mp3 FileDescriptionProcedures Used
07:10 Entry
Session #001
Basic Reach and Withdraw
Addresses YOUR topic. Use this if you have never done a Rub & Yawn session before and you want to try it out. Or if your topic is so traumatic that it is hard for you to even bear to think of it for more than a moment or two.
Rub & Yawn; Basic Reach & Withdraw
15:00 Entry
Session #002
Basic Rub and Yawn, 6-Direction Procedure
Addresses YOUR topic. You can also use this if you have never done a Rub & Yawn session before and you want to try it out. It is a bit more involved than the simple Reach and Withdraw.
Rub & Yawn; General 6-Direction Technique; 6-Dir with Time-Shift


Only 40 minutes and I discharged an age old stress I was carrying around. Reminds me a bit of NLP. Thanx for putting this up on the web! --Samvado Gunnar Kossatz

[This] has become even more mysterious. The problem I was auditing was about relationship patterns of mine. One very important person regarding this pattern I had tried to get in contact with (to clear things up) for 10 years now asking everybody I thought could help including web-searches etc. without success. She mailed me about 5 hours after I finished the audit. Blew my socks off! --Samvado Gunnar Kossatz

[The Yawn Machine]
Will do it again and ask my wife to try it as well. --JW Hanley, Mount Holly, NC, USA

Wonderful ways to fix and unfix attention and to gradiently get the person familiar with the differences between - spirit - mind - body - and the physical universe. Plus the price is right. Well done! --Alan C. Walter (in a post to a message board).

I did a session with your robot and I found it most valuable if correctly done. Within an hour it helped me in gaining much more control over mental pictures. The amazing thing is that this produced lasting tangible effects in everyday life: some unwanted automatic reactions have completely disappeared! Thank you very much for this tool! --Nico, Italy

Using this web site I felt a definite release of negativity. --WH

I am getting bound energy of neurosis discharged, little by little. The tears are rolling and other energy is moving around. Something is very resistive, and suppressed, it will only come up a small discharge at a time. There must be a lot of neurosis on top of it all, as I still get a lot of different items discharging.--Gerald

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